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please choose a different icon

I like this app, allows easy tracking of cycle. However, unless you're using the app to get pregnant (I'm not, actually using it to avoid getting pg) the icon of a pregnant woman is not my first choice and even if I was trying, wouldn't want anyone looking over my shoulder to know that, lol. Perhaps something feminine without being obvious?

40 year old mom of 3

Katherine , 20.06.2016, 16:39
Idea status: under consideration


johnegbert, 20.06.2016, 16:45
You can change the pinned icon on the app if you would like. In the app go the the settings page and tap the "Theme/Tile" tile. Then scroll over to the "tile" page and select a different tile. This will change the icon of the app if you have it pinned to your start screen. (It will not change the icon in the full list of apps to the right of the start screen). You can also change the background to something else on these same pages.

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