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Are you trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid pregnancy? Fertility Tracker will calculated and estimated your important dates (including menstruation/period days, fertile days, ovulation days) based on custom settings of your own cycle. Just enter the First Day of your last menstruation cycle and adjust the length to match your cycle and the app calculates the best dates to conceive or when to use protection. You can also log notes, body temperature, and dates of intercourse to daily notes, which can be significant medical data. Allows for planning of Romantic weekends or trips.
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It would be great if you added the Day Post Ovulation number in the calendar to look for pregnancy symptoms for the Two Week Waiting.
ivett, 18.01.2015, 13:48
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please choose a different icon

I like this app, allows easy tracking of cycle. However, unless you're using the app to get pregnant (I'm not, actually using it to avoid getting pg) the icon of a pregnant woman is not my first choice and even if I was trying, wouldn't want...
Katherine, 20.06.2016, 16:39
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Cycle day

It would be extremely helpful (and I could avoid a lot of counting) if the cycle day was marked in each date square e.g. 14th June Cycle day one.
Suzanne Hall, 11.06.2013, 13:33